Solely has always been on a mission to make simple, clean food accessible to all.

Solely was founded as a way to help kids in our community gain easy access to fresh fruit. We noticed that for many children, fresh fruit was scarce and kids were loading up on cheap processed foods at home and in school.

Our idea was simple: create a real fruit bite with the fewest possible ingredients to replace sugar filled, highly processed snacks. It needed to retain the nutritional benefits of whole fresh fruit, but without added sugar, additives, preservatives or chemicals.

Solely Clean Foods
Solely Clean Foods

After some trial and error, we developed a new fruit bite that kept everything good about real fruit but made it affordable, accessible, and easy to store and share. That one idea, replacing sugary snacks with a full nutrition fruit bite, become the start of a new company that has affected the lives of millions of kids and has led to jobs for over 1,000 people.

Along the way, we’ve grown hand-in-hand with farmers and created a network of Solely Certified Farms that produce clean, non-GMO, organic fruits and vegetables.

We’ve developed new processing and mixing methods that help retain the benefits and flavors of whole ingredients, without having to add fillers or flavorings.

Solely Clean Foods

We’ve made a commitment to transparency. We want to help people eat more healthily by making sure that every one of our ingredients is clearly listed on the front of our labels.

Solely Clean Foods

We’ve rethought every step of the process because we believe that there’s always a better way and that the foods we eat and feed our families should be simple, clean, and transparent, from start to finish.

Our goal is to continue to rethink and create new food items that adhere to our promise: Clean Food.
Solely uses the fewest, whole and simple ingredients, always listed on the front and never with added sugar or preservatives.

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