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Our Fruit Jerky is made from real fruit with nothing else added, ever.

Pick Your Flavor

Fresh From Start to Finish

We use the whole fruit, picked fresh and perfectly ripe.

Our fruit is hand selected at harvest to guarantee the best possible flavor.

The fruit is then sliced, chopped and pressed into a strip.

Solely's specialized process keeps it as fresh as the day it was picked!

Each Jerky Strip =
1 Piece of Fruit

Just one or two ingredients and nothing else

Our simple fruit jerky has just one ingredient: whole, organic fresh fruit.

Our simple fruit jerky has just one ingredient: whole, organic fresh fruit.

Our mixed jerky has just two ingredients: fresh fruit touched with cacao, nuts, or coconut.

Our Promise: Clean Food

We Solely use the whole and simple ingredients listed on the front. Never added sugar, preservatives or concentrates.

Transparency means no surprises

Most snacks seem healthy until you turn the package around and find the hidden "surprise ingredients." We really don't like surprise ingredients, so we've made a commitment to complete transparency.

We list all ingredients clearly on the front of the package. Transparency and no surprises, ever.

Dried Fruit

Our organic dried fruit is as close to fresh as you can get. It's grown on our Solely certified farms, picked when perfectly ripe, sorted, sliced, and then gently dried. We never add sugar, sulfites, or preservatives, making it a perfectly sweet snack you can feel good about.